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  1. antarticturtle

    Mountain Dew Zero Sugar 2021-01-17

    Layered : Me Logo: Google Images
  2. kritz0ne

    M&M's Candy "logos" 1.0

    For the longest time, Kyle Busch's cars have always been difficult to remake due to the M&M's candy "logos" being used on them. I've made an attempt to remedy that. While these aren't 100% accurate, I feel that they still get the job done. Various colors are included; red, blue, green, orange...
  3. TheFlynnZone

    NASCAR SimRacing Logo Pack - Aarons - Goodyear 1.0

    While digging through the files of EA's attempts at dethroning NR2003 as the best NASCAR Sim game on PC, I managed to find the logos of the sponsors that... well sponsor you in Fight to The Top. So I'm uploading them if you need any of them in the future. Going from A-G Credits: All Logos: EA...
  4. Kyle Funderburk


    Hey everyone. I'm looking for the McDonald's wordmark used on the side of the #42 cars. I've found plenty of McDonald's wordmarks online, but none have the outline.
  5. Cory Harts

    Changing tire logos?

    Hello everyone! I recently got back into NR2003 and decided that I wanted to start an offline series. One of the things I really want to do with it is I want to have the cars run tires with Michelin logos instead of the typical Goodyear. I can handle making the graphics for the tires if I could...
  6. Nascar20

    2018 MENCS Playoff Emojis-My first upload. 2018-10-03

    My first ever upload. All 16 MENCS Playoff drivers Twitter emoji's, individually layered on one handy .psd sheet. Might be handy for somebody attempting playoff car schemes. CREDITS- NASCAR.com Google Twitter
  7. OneToughCustomer

    Nascar Busch 21 means 21 pole award 2018-08-13

    Here's a custom made 2018 Busch pole 21 means 21 award I made. based off the old coors 21 means 21 banner.
  8. CodyHGaming

    Help need finding a couple contigs for Jason Johnson tribute car

    Hey y'all. I'm putting the finishing touches on my Jason Johnson tribute car for the Supersprint mod, but am having trouble finding a few logos. I've circled the two I'm missing in green. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  9. Tre Cool

    MENCS Windshield Banner Includes All Manufacturers. Fully Layered 2018-03-30

    Fully Layered. Not credited for any certain termitet. Just the available Logos to use if needed. Logos Google. First post...
  10. TheTrueMarcster

    AutoZone Logoset 2017-06-18

    The variants of the AutoZone logo in one file. Includes: Stacked Regular No Outline
  11. Jebrown

    GN55 1024x1024 sized contingency logos 2017-04-09

    Here's the contingency logos I used for the 1955-1956 season carsets. They're all sized for the 1024x1024 GN55 template. There's plenty of room on the sheet so you can add your own. Some are just resized images from Google, others I made from scratch. M-mmm... there's nothing better than made...