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  1. S

    2020 Amelia Nielson ♯21 MSCCT FORD MUSTANG '20 1

    This is the #21 car a friend of mine painted and I rendered. Credits below: Who was involved and what they contributed: bonk (scheme) Onion Girl (render) aTrTH756 (hood logo) P17_Sleepy (side logos and custom banner) ----------RESOURCES--------- Racin Grafix: Number (KHI 21)...
  2. TheFlynnZone

    MENCS19 Scheme - Michael Waltrip 2003 Aaron's 9.9

    The dream machine from the 2003-2005 Busch seasons AND the Cup scheme that dates the 2002-2005 Cup Seasons that driven under the #00 Banner. Credits: Base: Myself Moon + Stars: Google Logos: Google, TeamSBR Numbers: Top Notch Design Driver Signature: Google Contingencies: OneToughCustomer...
  3. S

    Cancer Research UK #75 Toyota 1

    Mod: MENCS19 by SNG Template: SNG Logos/Images: Google Images Render: Me Number: Me Base: Me Made in honour of my brother, who just beat the f**k out of his ewing's sarcoma :cool:
  4. Moofish

    Ghost River #24 Car 2020-10-21

    Another variation of several Ghost River cars I'm making for my friend who loves this beer. This one is for Ghost River Gold. Template: Splash N' Go graphics MENCS 2019 Toyota Camry Template
  5. S

    Minecraft #77 Dodge 1

    Mod: MENCS19 by SNG Template: SNG Logos/Images: Google Images Render: Me Number: Me Base: Me
  6. S

    Martini Racing #75 Toyota and #26 Ford 2020-10-20

    Mod: MENCS19 by SNG Templates: SNG Logos/Images: Google Images Render: Me Number: Me Base: Me If you think this livery would fit a certain car well, make sure to let me know
  7. S

    Dogecoin #55 Dodge 1

    Mod: MENCS19 by SNG Template: SNG Logos/Images: Google Images Render: Me Number: Me Base: Me
  8. Moofish

    Fantasy Wright Motorsports 2020-10-20

    I made a fantasy racing team Wright Motorsports Drivers include: #31 Austin Wright #53 Jordan Cain #125 Seth Taylor Credit to Splash N' Go for templates Google Images for logos
  9. TrainHunter94YT

    Matt DiBenedetto Ford Motorcraft Invert 2-Pack 1.0

    Inverted Paint Scheme But With Alternate Ford Motorcraft Logo's. Also, i was not trying to make Matt's Throwback, I Realized the similarity while making these. Credits: Mod: MENCS19 Template: S&G Base: sweetracerdude Number: Google Logo: Google
  10. TrainHunter94YT

    [FICTIONAL] Paul Menard 27 Menards Camaro 2020-10-16

    I Was Going through some of my things when i came across an old Paul Menard mug from 2015, so i decided to make it here. Credits: Mod: MENCS19 Template: S&G Number: Google Logo: Google Render: Me B-Pillars: fosterick
  11. QBoi

    Ty Dillon 2020 Geico For Your RV 2020-10-14

    Well it seems I've made a return. Which is unexpected to me because I had lost my drive do to some of the personal projects I had been working on. Anyways it's great to be back and here's Ty Dillon's Geico For Your RV car from the second Talladega race this year. As always let me know what you...
  12. TheFlynnZone

    MENCS19 Pack - Centrix 2005 2020-10-12

    Finally done with my paint scheme itch with Centrix Financial, here is a 3 car pack of the #01, #10 and #36 that bared the colors from the 2005 Nextel Season. Base: Myself Centrix Logos: Google, WillG_46 (SRD) Logos: Google Template: Splash N Go Contingencies: OneToughCustomer Banner: Bungi43...
  13. TheFlynnZone

    MENCS19 Base - M&M's 2006 Primary 1.0

    If you ever wanted to see how the Sadler car from yesterday was made AND make your own remakes and reskins, well here it is, in it's complicated glory (M&M characters and M's not included) Credits: Base: Myself Image Credits: Template: Splash N Go Banner: Bungi43 Render: TMS Contingencies...
  14. TheFlynnZone

    MENCS19 Scheme - Elliott Sadler 2006 M&Ms 3.8

    The scheme that I mentioned in my Showroom page, this is Elliott Sadler's 2006 M&Ms Ford with many circles, M's and top of the line crispy M&M characters. Straight from an eBay listing for a 1:24 diecast. Credits: Base: Myself Template: Splash N Go Numbers: BigEvilRacing Contingencies...
  15. Greengca

    #48 Lowes Color Schemes 4 Pack 1.0

    This is a pack of some of the lesser known Lowes schemes from the early 2010s. Emerald- This is the White and Mint car, it was run at Darlington in 2013. Apparently fans voted for this scheme to be run. White Lightning- This is the White and Blue car and is arguably the most known car of the 4...
  16. L

    [Fictional] Daft Punk Scheme 1.0

    A Daft Punk inspired scheme based off some of the Discovery album artwork. This is one of my first paints, but I thought maybe someone else might like it too. Credits: Mod - MENCS19 Template - SnG Number - BER Logos - Bing Images
  17. Sebas Gaming

    Tyler Reddick 2020 #8 Caterpillar Jeff Burton 1995 Throwback (DAR3) 2020-10-07

    Long time I do not post a download, here you have a Reddick paint scheme Mod: MENCup2019 Template: Bill1947 Numbers: BER Logos: Google B-Pillar Logos: Google Banner: Bill1947
  18. TheFlynnZone

    MENCS19 Pack - RCR 35th Anniversary 2004 1.0

    A pack of 3 machines. The #29 GM Goodwrench of Kevin Harvick, the #30 AOL of Johnny Sauter and the #31 Cingular of Robby Gordon. Credits: Base: Myself, OneToughCustomer Template: Splash N Go Numbers: BigEvilRacing, eBay Banner: Bungi43 Contingencies: OneToughCustomer Render Scene: Burnout...
  19. TheFlynnZone

    MENCS19 Base - AOL Retro 2004/Piedmont '84 3.0

    The AOL Retro/Piedmont scheme that will be in the RCR 35th Pack is here... as a base Credits: Base: Myself Render: TMS Banner: Bungi43 Template: Splash N Go Render Thumbnail logo: Myself Contingencies: Google, OneToughCustomer *please credit me if you use this base for any mod
  20. TheFlynnZone

    MENCS19 Pack - RWBY Paint Schemes 1.0

    A bit ago, I did some paint schemes based on the main characters from the Maya powered anime, RWBY and here. they. ARE Credits: Base: Myself, Lisa48 (Amanda) Template: Splash N Go Banner: Bungi43 Contingencies: OneToughCustomer Numbers: BigEvilRacing B-Pillars: Google Team Emblems: Google...