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  1. maynlane

    CRN S2 Schemes 2024-02-24

    having been the Daytona 500 winner of last season. this season 2 will be fun. Credits Templates: FCRD, vadkuz Bases: NRSC08 Designs,bungi43, emokidracing Contingencies: FCRD, Vadkuz Numbers: NCD Designs Logos: Google Associates: Google B-Pillars: Google Namerails: me
  2. EJDesigns

    FCRD Next Gen Dodge Charger 1.1

    This template contains the 2022 Dodge Charger on the FCRD Chevrolet Camaro mesh. Please give credit for the template if used. Template Based off of: NCS23 Templates by vadkuz Dodge Decals: NCS22 Dodge Template/MENCS17 Dodge Charger Template Render: James Hodge Template Assembly: Me
  3. racerspeed22

    Joey Logano 2024 2024-03-27

    TGA IMAGES OUTDATED! Credits Google- Logos BER- Numbers Namerail, Banner & Firesuit - Camo Creative Template- vadkuz Mod & CarViewer- FCRD Team NOT 100% ACCURATE!
  4. JohnJohnson65

    FCRD NCS22 Fictional Next Gen Contingencies 1.1

    If you've ever missed the look of contingency decals but haven't wanted to slap an older pack onto your car, now you can use a set of upto date contingencies. Each decal featured does relate to a 2022 or 2023 official series partner or company that produces a component used in the Next Gen car...
  5. RegardlessA4

    Kurt Busch Gearwrencsh Base 2021 2023-09-30

    This a the 2021 version of the Gearwrench paint Scheme Goes on FCRD NCS22 Chevrolet Camaro Template: FCRD, Vadkuz Logos: Google
  6. RegardlessA4

    Kurt Busch Gearwrench base 2023-09-28

    Goes on FCRD NCS22 Chevrolet Camaro Template: FCRD, Vadkuz Logos: Google
  7. HighestOctane

    (FICTIONAL) Josh Berry Tire Pros 4 2023-09-09

    This is a FICTIONAL Josh Berry scheme i made. It is a TGA file and will need to be converted. Credits: Scheme made by me Templates i used Logos: Google
  8. HighestOctane

    Fictional* Josh Berry Tire Pros base 2024 2023-09-09

    Just a numberless TirePro base i have a Full number version also (Will not have the Number 5 when you download it) Credits: Paint Scheme made by me Link to templates i used Logos: Google
  9. Krfluggs

    Ricky Stenhouse Jr Energizer Unused Scheme 2023-08-11

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google Numbers: BigEvilRacing Render: James Hodge
  10. RUSTEZERacing95

    2023 NASCAR Cup Series Carset (Updated Default Cup Mod) 2023-08-07

    2023 NASCAR Cup Series Set for the Default Next Gen Cup Mod Made by BillA1947 here on Stunod: Most Numbers from Drivers Page Other Numbers/Sponsors from Google Templates From here on Stunod as well...
  11. JohnJohnson65

    FCRD 2023 Ford Focus Template 1.0

    Comes with 3 trim levels - Standard, ST (Performance) and Vignale (Luxury), layers included and clearly marked Imports onto the generic/Dodge model Imported as a pdn then back to a .psd, so all layer groups are gone, but instead replaced by a "Start layer group" and "End layer group" marking -...
  12. Krfluggs

    Hailie Deegan Next Gen Monster Energy Base 1.0

    Credits: Base: Me Render: James Hodge Template: FCRD Ford Next Gen Logos: Google
  13. MicroPopTart

    2019 Mack Anthem Next Gen Car 1

    Decals: Google Template: FCRD Part of the Cursed Template Pack
  14. Krfluggs

    Anthony Alfredo 2023 Dude Wipes Scheme 1.0

    Credits Base: Me NameRail: MG06Design Logos: Google Numbers: DieCastCharv Render: James Hodge Template: Vadkuz
  15. Flyshelfplays

    Chase Elliott Breaking Bad (Fic) V1.00

    Got bored and made this since breaking bad is one of my favorite tv series of all time! I know its not the best but i tried Credits: Template : FCRD(Modified by NCRD) Number : BER Logos : Google Base : Me Render Scene : Car Viewer
  16. BFR30

    Martin Truex Jr Reser's Scheme v1.0

    Base-NRSC08 Designs Number- BER Template-vadkuz Logos-NRSC08 Designs and CamoDesigns
  17. Krfluggs

    *FICTIONAL* NASCAR's First Ever Mother-Daughter Duo as Next Gens 1.0

    Decided to make this duo to NASCAR's first ever Mother-Daughter Duo Credits: Templates: FCRD Bases: Me Render: James Hodge Logos and Numbers: Google Name Rail: Custom Made by Me
  18. CamryBunny

    Harrison Burton #21 2022 Michigan V 1.0

    Mod: FCRD NCS22 Logos: Me/Google/@Ryan B. Base: Me Number: DiecastCharv Templates: FCRD B-Pillar: Google
  19. I

    IORL IAC Cup Series Season 3 Carset 1

    Here is the OFFICIAL carset for the Season 3 IORL IAC Cup Series, with accurate ratings. Paint Scheme Credits: Jacob Shangle #5, #6, #15, #17, #25, #28, #36, #78 Zane Phoenix #21, #22 Jason So #14, #47 Myself #00, #01, #03, #3, #16, #18, #20, #23, #24, #26, #29, #31, #37, #38, #43, #45...
  20. JDSprinting

    Jaiden Animations: The Anime Gen. 7 Base 1.1

    A base based off of Jaiden Animations' YouTube video, "Jaiden Animations: The Anime". This base fits on every FCRD NCS22 car body. CREDITS: Side decals made by Jaiden Animations Logos from Google Images Base made by me Original template made by FCRD Render scene made by NCD Designs