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  1. Highbank

    1969 Trans Am Series Michigan Race Carset v1.0

    ...and a good time was had by all! Another bit of brilliance by twcom! The 1969 Trans Am Series race @ Michigan's crazy oval+roadie mixed with terrible racing weather, which saw rain and snow and a not very friendly race course produced wild action, including many mishaps. Dick Lang's Camaro...
  2. DaleJrFan95

    Grand American Division/Grand Touring Division Carset 2017-05-17

    NASCAR's Grand American Division (originally dubbed the Grand Touring Division) was the sport's answer to the Trans Am Series. Focusing on so-called 'Pony Cars', mostly consisting of Camaros, Javelins, Challengers/Cudas, and Mustangs, the series was much like the modern-day K&N Series, racing on...