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  1. SnowmanSchemes

    Alex Bowman 2024 Ally throwback scheme 1

    .tga Credits: Temp: @vadkuz Base: Me Numbers: Big Evil Racing Logos: Google Render scene: James Hodge
  2. WhiskieB2003

    1993 Ayrton Senna F1 (Tribute-Fictional) 1

    Template - Default by Mystical Penske Numberset - Big Evil Racing Logos - Google
  3. SnowmanSchemes

    Carson Hocevar 2024 Premier Security throwback scheme 1

    .tga Credits: Temp: @vadkuz Base: Me Numbers: Big Evil Racing Logos: Google / Premier Security logo: @Mk28 Render scene: James Hodge
  4. SnowmanSchemes

    Ricky Stenhouse Jr Oscar Mayer + Artesano + Kraft throwback scheme 1

    .tga Credits: Temp: @vadkuz Base: Me Numbers: Big Evil Racing Logos: Google Render scene: James Hodge

    RSS Racing (#28, #29, #38 & #39) 2024 Xfinity Darlington 1 2024-05-11

    Heck yeah I got this one done quickly because of how early the schemes were revealed:cool: (P.S: the renders don't show the 'NASCAR International' logo on Matt Dibenedetto's car as I forgot them, but they are on the actual car itself) Credits: Sponsors: Google, R. Sieg's scheme reveal post &...

    Shane van Gisbergen #97 Darlington 1 Throwback 1.1

    I absolutely love this scheme. Enough said. *car is subject to change because the race is in a few days & something could change* Credits: Sponsors: Google & Krfluggs (action industries) Contigs: SnowmanSchemes' 'Dark Horse' template & Google Number: Petty4345 (car itself) & koop_designs (pit...
  7. SnowmanSchemes

    Kyle Larson 2024 Hendrick Cars Throwback 1

    .tga Credits: Temp: @vadkuz Base: Me Numbers: Big Evil Racing Logos: Google / HendrickCars logo: Hendrick Automotive Group video Render scene: James Hodge
  8. DKenseth79

    Scott Bloomquist - 1991 2024-05-05

    A 1991-ish scheme from Scott Bloomquist. Credits Template - Bullring

    Sheldon Creed #18 Darlington 1 Throwback 1.2

    Let's gooooo new Sheldon Creed paint scheme!!!! Credits: Sponsors: Google Contigs: SnowmanSchemes' 'Dark Horse' template Number: Big Evil Racing Name Rail: Sheldon Creed's Instagram Render Model: James Hodge Car Template: KP1 Designs Pit Crew Template: phantom17
  10. racerspeed22

    Alex Bowman 2024 Throwback 2024-05-03

    TGA NOT 100% ACCURATE! Credits Base- jacobc62 Logos- Google Numbers- BER Namerail, Banner, Firesuit, and B-Pillar- Camo Creative Template- vadkuz Mod & Render Scene- FCRD Team RENDERS OUTDATED!
  11. ISLAFE

    Blaine Perkins #29 & Ryan Sieg #39 *FICTIONAL* Throwback 2024-05-01

    First time since last year that I've made a throwback livery & I forgot how much I enjoyed it Credits: Sponsors: Google & Myself Number: RSS Racing number set on Snek's thread Name Rails: Krfluggs Render Scenes: James Hodge Car Template: SnowmanSchemes Pit Crew Template: phantom17
  12. WhiskieB2003

    (Custom) Connor Hudson #49 Alpine Custom 1

    Even Though I Haven't won, He Liked The Scheme! Insert This Car in *NR2003 Root*\series\FCRD NCS22 v1\cars Folder.
  13. S

    2024 Penske Throwback Concepts 2024-04-02

    3 throwback schemes i made for team penske. other teams to come soon 12: Ryan Newman 2007 Altell throwback 22: Jac Haudenschild 1998 Penzoil sprint car 2: David Ragan 2008 Discount Tire CREDITS: Template: vadkuz on stunod numbers: big evil racing, google base: myself Logos: various users on...
  14. SnowmanSchemes

    Chase Elliott 2024 Unifirst Throwback 1

    .tga Credits: Temp: @vadkuz Base: Me Numbers: Nascar On NBC graphic Logos: Google Render scene: James Hodge
  15. OneToughCustomer

    2024 Chase Elliott Unfirst 2014 Daytona 500 win Darlington Throwback Camaro ZL1 1LE v1.01

    Here's Chase Elliott's 2024 Throwback he'll be racing for the annual throwback weekend this year at Darlington Raceway, honoring his mentor Dale Earnhardt. Jr's Iconic 2014 Daytona 500 win. This scheme isn't exactly 1 for 1 however I made a few changes to make it look as close to Dale Jr's car...
  16. TheFlynnZone

    NCS22 Pack - Darlington Throwback Concept Pack (2024) 1.0

    This project began as an excuse to work on the 2024 Mustang and Camry bodies, and they came out looking good. These schemes throwback to Steve Park's Burger King scheme from 1997, Joe Nemechek's Oakwood Homes scheme from 2000, and John Andretti's STP primary scheme from 2000. I know the...
  17. Krfluggs

    Hailie Deegan's 2021 Ford Performance TB Base 2023-12-02

    Credits Base: Me Logos: Google Render: James Hodge
  18. Slipster17

    Budweiser Background Graphic v2.0

    Once again - I drive myself nuts so you don't have to! Here is a layered vector file of what is my best recreation of the background graphic seen most recently on Kevin Harvick's throwback car at Homestead in 2023. This was also used on his Championship car in 2014 (on which the throwback...
  19. TheFlynnZone

    NCS22 Scheme - Kamui Kobayashi 2024 Throwback (CONCEPT) 1.0

    To celebrate 5 years of this account's existence, I decided to create a paint scheme based on Gran Turismo! Here is the #67 of Kobayashi, with a throwback based on the 1988 Minolta Toyota from Gran Turismo 4. Credits: Base: Myself Template: Vadkuz Contingencies: FCRD Logos: Google...
  20. Krfluggs

    Hailie Deegan's 2021 Ford Performance Throwback 2023-10-30

    Credits: Bases: Me Number: BigEvilRacing Logos: Google, Tricon Garage, and Myself Render: James Hodge Template: The One Truck is Finished!