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  1. sc4rf3d

    2021 CUP21/MENCS19 Speedweeks carset V1.5

    2021 CUP21 Speedweeks Carset for the Splash 'n Go Graphics CUP21 mod available on Big Evil Racing or for the MENCS19 mod also made by them! Credits: Bases: Murray Sim Racing Designs, Paint by Rah, and myself Logos: Google & team websites & Rick's 2021 B-Pillars Templates: Splash 'n Go Graphics...
  2. TheFlynnZone

    NCS22 Scheme - Jimmie Johnson 2024 75 Years of Petty 1.0

    Whilst brewing ideas for new projects, I remembered Buckshot Jones' 4 Generations of Petty scheme that he ran in 2001, which inspired me to create this Petty 75 Years of Racing scheme for Johnson. Enjoy. Credits Templates: Vadkuz Base: Myself Contingencies: Vadkuz Numbers: BigEvilRacing Logos...
  3. StanTheManx3

    Tyler Reddick's 2024 #45 Jordan Brand Toyota Camry 1.0

    Tyler Reddick's 2024 #45 Jordan Brand Toyota Camry that he raced to a win at Talladega 1. Sources: Mod: FCRD Template: NCD Designs, Manu_F49, CamoDesigns Render: James Hodge Logos: diecastcharv, google, me, 23xi

    Tyler Reddick 2024 The Beast Unleashed (COTA) 1

    Tyler Reddick ran this car at COTA, he started 3rd and Finished 5th. CREDITS: BASE: paint by rah Logos: Google or Beast Unleashed site Namerail: @Krfluggs Number: BER B-post: @fosterick

    Christopher Bell 2024 Yahoo! (Martinsville) 2

    Christopher Bell's 2024 Yahoo! Toyota Camry XSE. He would end up qualifying 20th and finishing 35th after struggling all day. CREDITS: Template- @h4rvick Logos- Google, company sites Namerail- @Mk28 Number- BER B-post- @fosterick
  6. Krfluggs

    Toyota Genuine Parts Base (Kamui Kobayashi 2023 Indy RC) 2024-04-07

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google Render: James Hodge
  7. CorvetteRacing48

    2008 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Number 18 Budweiser Toyota JGR 2024-03-07

    A fictional scheme on what if Dale Earnhardt Jr actually went to Joe Gibbs Racing in 2008, as he almost signed with them in real life. Budweiser wanted to follow him to Hendrick Motorsports in real life but for some reason Rick was not allowing any alcohol sponsors at the time and as far as I'm...
  8. Jackson25th

    2024 Ryan Huff Toyota (Daytona DNQ) v1.0

    This is Ryan Huff's truck from Daytona this year in which he failed to qualify. 2 Versions included. A Higher Definition version and a Standard Definition one. Credits: Sponsors: i dont think it has any guys. Template: Turn4Graphics's 2023 Toyota template with the slightest edits. Number...

    Sheldon Creed #18 Daytona 1 1

    5 months has passed since I recreated a car & it is starting from where I left off; Sheldon Creed. Credits: Sponsors: Google Contigs: SnowmanSchemes' 'Dark Horse' template Number: Big Evil Racing Name Rail: Sheldon Creed's Instagram Render Scenes: James Hodge Car Template: KP1 Designs Pit Crew...
  10. TheFlynnZone

    NCS22 Pack - Darlington Throwback Concept Pack (2024) 1.0

    This project began as an excuse to work on the 2024 Mustang and Camry bodies, and they came out looking good. These schemes throwback to Steve Park's Burger King scheme from 1997, Joe Nemechek's Oakwood Homes scheme from 2000, and John Andretti's STP primary scheme from 2000. I know the...
  11. Jackson25th

    #45 2024 Monster Energy Concept v1.0

    Here is what I think the #45 car driven by Tyler Reddick may look like this year. Template: 2025 Toyota Camry XSE Template by @NCD Designs . Logos: DiecastCharv, Monster Energy, Google, McDonalds, Jordan Brand. Namerail: Tyler Reddick namerail by @Krfluggs . Base: literally the color black, or...
  12. JetsRacinDesign

    Red Bull Racing Team - 2014 Fantasy Set 1

    As featured in Volume 21 of Racing Infinity by @GraySpeed, these cars are fielded by Red Bull Racing in 2014. The paint scheme base is loosely inspired by Red Bull's 2014 F1 livery. Three cars are included: Landon Cassil - #83 Red Bull Toyota Justin Allgaier - #84 Silver Red Bull Toyota...
  13. StanTheManx3

    Fictional 2024 Dr Pepper Christmas #23 Camry 1.0

    A Fictional Dr Pepper Christmas Scheme that was inspired by Brad Keselowski's Christmas schemes. Mod: FCRD Template: NCD Designs with CamoDesigns' side skirts, banners, and b pillars Number: DiecastCharv Logos: Google,, FreePik, Blender Scene: James Hodge
  14. Slipster17

    Toyota 1500 Starts v1.0

    Layered vector file recreating the unique "1500 Starts" logo as appeared on the b-pillars of all Toyota drivers at the Goodyear 400 @Darlington in 2022. For that added little bit of historical accuracy! Please give credit where credit is due and enjoy!
  15. NCD Designs

    2025 Toyota Camry XSE Template for NCS22 1.0

    Feel free to tag me on X (@NCD_Designs) if you make something cool with this template and decide to post it. As always, credit: @Philly_T and the Full Circle Racing Designs crew for the Original Template. All decals by me, sourced from Manufacturer logos from Logopedia. Rendered...
  16. Hierjel

    FCRD NCS22 2025 Toyota Camry XSE Template

    So I was able to work on a little project after NASCAR's announcement on the new Toyota body to be used starting next year, and so far here's what I got. For now, the beta template will be used for my series for it's 2024 season and I'm glad to flex that we will be the first league to use such...
  17. TheFlynnZone

    NCS22 Scheme - Kamui Kobayashi 2024 Throwback (CONCEPT) 1.0

    To celebrate 5 years of this account's existence, I decided to create a paint scheme based on Gran Turismo! Here is the #67 of Kobayashi, with a throwback based on the 1988 Minolta Toyota from Gran Turismo 4. Credits: Base: Myself Template: Vadkuz Contingencies: FCRD Logos: Google...
  18. ZachC98

    NPS 2017 - 2016 Toyota GT86 Template 2023-09-30

    2016 Toyota GT 86 template for the Splash N' Go NPS2017 mod for NR2003. Import on Impala Body. Includes both PSD and AFPHOTO file formats. Template uploaded to my old NR2003 graphics site in 2017. Uploading here for preservation.
  19. James Qualls

    NCS22 Mod *FICTIONAL* #71 Jade Avedisian Mobil 1 Toyota 2023-08-15

    FCRD NCS22 Mod Fictional of Jade Avedisian's #71 Mobil 1 Toyota, based on her Sprint Car. Credits: Template: Full Circle Racing Designs, Number: Big Evil Racing
  20. James Qualls

    NXS20 Mod *FICTIONAL* #71 Jade Avedisian Mobil 1 Toyota 2023-08-15

    NXS20 Mod Fictional of Jade Avedisian's #71 Mobil 1 Toyota, based on her Sprint Car. Credits: Template: KP1 Designs, Number: Big Evil Racing, Render: Garrett1127