xfinity series

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  1. Mr. Designer

    #01 Zane Smith 2024 Focused Health Chevy Camaro (Concept) 1.1

    Template: SRD Base: Myself Number: Myself, BER Logos: Myself, Respective Brand Websites B-Pillar: Fosterick Signature: Zane Smith's Website Render: Scene by James Hodge, Modified by Myself Pit Crew: SRD, Myself
  2. Krfluggs

    Leland Honeyman Jr Austin Gamblers (COTA 2024) 2024-04-11

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google/Ben Horton (Namerail) & (Waterfront Construction Logo) Numbers: Ben Horton Render: James Hodge

    Daniil Kvyat #07 Xfinity COTA 1.1

    I seem to have a thing for Xfinity teams with 2 consecutive 'S's in their name. First RSS Racing & now SS Green-Light Racing. Credits: Sponsors: Google & Myself Number: BigEvilRacing Name Rails: the announcement image of the car Render Scenes: James Hodge Car Template: SimRacingDesign Contigs...
  4. TrackMaster914

    NG4 Mix Masters Series Season 1 Carset 2024-01-05

    The Mix Masters Series had a mix of real drivers and fantasy drivers from various series I'm working on all mashed up together to seee who would win the Title. Mod: NextGen4v2 Templates were from Lefty Sponsors and such was a mix of Google and my own stuff.
  5. Krfluggs

    Justin Allgaier 2024 Jarrett 2023-11-17

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google Namerail: Horton2802 Numbers: BigEvilRacing Render: James Hodge
  6. Krfluggs

    Hailie Deegan's Airbox Base 2023-11-11

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google Render: James Hodge
  7. Krfluggs

    Hailie Deegan's 2024 Viva Tequila Base 2023-11-11

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google/Me Render: James Hodge
  8. Krfluggs

    Brennan Poole's 2024 Finance Pro Plus Car 2023-11-11

    Credits: Bases: Me Logos: Google/Renders/Myself Numbers: DiecastCharv Renders: James Hodge and Carviewer
  9. Krfluggs

    Hailie Deegan's 2024 Airbox Car 2023-10-06

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google/Me/Respective company websites Render: James Hodge Number: SGT Mustang
  10. flyersfan4888

    Fictional Busch Pole Award decal no

    Fictional modern Busch Pole Award decal. Created for a personal carset that I don't want to finish.
  11. Mariner

    Dawson Cram 74 Nexus Auto Transport - Chicago 1

    Dawson Cram's 74 Nexus Auto Transport chevrolet from the 2023 The Loop 121 in the streets of Chicago Template by @KP1 Designs Base by me with edits @itsawesome Numbers from BER Logos from google Pitbox by me Screenshots by me
  12. DanielLumit

    #32 Milwaukee Sage Karam 2024 Concept v1

    Made probably my best and favorite scheme here. Sage Karam in the #32 Milwaukee Chevy, this car was so fun to make! Please enjoy! Template - KP1 Number - BER Logos - Google, @SourpatchKidsCS Base - Me Render - Me
  13. Krfluggs

    Michael Annett 2020 TMC *No Ratings* 2023-06-21

    Credits: Base: Me Render: James Hodge Logos: Google Number: BigEvilRacing Namerail:
  14. James Qualls

    PWF GNS Mod *FICTIONAL* NASCAR Mello Yello Racing Series Carset 2023-05-20

    After about 2 and a half months of work: HERE IT IS!!! THE FICTIONAL NASCAR Mello Yello Racing Series (my Xfinity Series) Carset for the PWF GNS Mod. Enjoy!!!! CREDITS: Templates: Brian Simpson, SRD, zone15, iam27paul. Bases: deadpool, Jeremy Murray, paint by RAH, Scott Huhn, jjk_nascarfanz...
  15. QBoi

    QBoi's Showroom

    Over a year later and freshmen year of college in the books, my inspiration and drive to create content for Nr2003 has returned. With that being said what do y'all think of this? How does a 2023 NCCS set sound to y'all? Lemme know! (I will fix the allignment of the hood and front end of Ryan...
  16. DanielLumit

    Nick Hoffman 2023 #88 NOS Energy Concept V1

    4 time UMP Summer Nationals Champion I feel deserves a one off someday. So lets get Nick Hoffman a ride someday in the NASCAR Xfinity series with Jr Motorsports in the #88 Chevy! Please enjoy! Template - KP1 Number - BER Logos - Google, Jr Motorsports, Hoffman's site, @NRSC08 Designs Name Rail...
  17. DanielLumit

    Tyler Reddick 2023 #19 Monster Energy Concept V1

    I feel like Reddick can make a few part time starts in Xfinity this year! Here is a small concept of him in the #19 Joe Gibbs machine! Enjoy! Template - KP1 Number - BER Logos - Google Name Rail - Rob D Base - Me Render - Me
  18. DanielLumit

    Josh Berry 2023 #8 Napa Auto Parts Concept V1

    Josh Berry and Napa together? I could see it happening at some point! So here is a concept of Josh Berry and Napa put together in the Xfinity Series! Please enjoy! Template - KP1 Number - BER Logos - Google, Jr Motorsports, Berry's site. and NRSC08 Designs Name Rail - Berry's site Base - Me...
  19. DanielLumit

    Ricky Weiss 2023 #10 DryDene Concept V1

    Kaulig brought in superman for Bristol Dirt, why not bring in another dirt guy for a race or two? Welcome Ricky Weiss to my own wacky Silly Season! Enjoy this car! Template - KP1 Number - BER Logos - Google and Weiss's site Name Rail - Myself Base - Me Render - Me
  20. DanielLumit

    Kasey Kahne 2023 #49 FuelMe Concept V1

    Calling to all Kasey Kahne fans! Ok now this is out of the ball park with Silly Season but who doesn't want to see this man in NASCAR again? Did anyone even dislike him? Anyways here's my #49 Kasey Kahne NXS Concept, enjoy! Template - KP1 Number - BER Logos - Google Name Rail - Google Base - Me...