1998 Rob Moroso #20 Bass Pro Shop (Fictional)

1998 Rob Moroso #20 Bass Pro Shop (Fictional) 2024-04-15

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Based on GraySpeed Production's series on YouTube called Sunday Night Lights. This is just what I think what could happen to Moroso heading into the 1998 season. Texaco/Havoline decided to leave Dick Moroso and RCR, so Bass Pro Shop comes on in to sponsor the #20 for 1998. And if you are listening @GraySpeed, feel free to use this car for SNL 1998 and even credit me!

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Love the black and white style! We don't really use these for the actual series, but we'd love to see what you come up with if you want to do more like this!
This is really cool! Thank you for making this and I'm glad SNL has given you inspiration!
Your welcome!