#2 Graham Rahal - 2007 Champ Car World Series (NFF2020 Indy Mod)

#2 Graham Rahal - 2007 Champ Car World Series (NFF2020 Indy Mod) 002

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This car is the one used by Graham Rahal in 2007 in the Champ Car World Series for Newman Haas Lanigan Racing.

Templates: Original Template by Brian Booth modified with Champ Car logos by me.
Logos: Made by me in Illustrator and some taken from Google.
Number: Me (Basically is the Arial font).

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Latest updates

  1. Fix error of the mirrors

    VERSION 2: I knew that something was missing when I finished the skin and indeed the mirrors...

Latest reviews

Is this the begin of the whole Champ Car 2007 carset? Fantastic work!
The goal is to go slowly since I have many things to do so I will go slowly with the carset but I hope to achieve it and also 2008 Long Beach CCWS carset