World Stock Car Series - Fantasy 34 Carset and Calendar

World Stock Car Series - Fantasy 34 Carset and Calendar 1X

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Here I leave the WSCS, a mix of drivers and teams from Formula 1, Endurance, GT, Nascar, etc. Separated into only 3 classes Super Class, American Class, Retro Class. (Includes rating and Logos)

The calendar:

Inaugural Race At Daytona - Daytona RC (ALL)
Grand Prix of The Beach - Miami Street (SC+AC)
American Classic Grand Prix - Willow Springs (SC+RC)
Target 500k - Pocono (AC+RC)
The Aussie Grand Prix - Albert Park (ALL)
Italian Super Grand Prix - Monza (SC)
Grand Prix of Bahrain - Bahrain (ALL)
The Grand Final At Yas Marina - Yas Marina (ALL)

*SC = Super Class, AC = American Class, RC = Retro Class, ALL = All classes.

I would like to give credits but due to the large number of things I don't remember where I got everything from, but I can say that everything can be found here in Stunod the templates and some bases, logos were taken from google.
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