(GN55) 1955-1956 Season Chryslers

(GN55) 1955-1956 Season Chryslers 2017-12-17

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The Kiekhaefer 300's are here! Carl Kiekhaefer began fielding cars in the NASCAR Grand National Series in 1955. He brought many innovations with him such as the use of dry paper air filters and the scientific testing of the motor oil for his race engines. He also introduced professional crews who wore uniforms and had choreographed pit stops. He also brought the first major national sponsor to NASCAR, (his own Mercury Outboard motor company). Along with these innovations came much success, maybe too much. Tim Flock and Buck Baker won championships in 1955 and 1956 respectively and team drivers combined for 52 wins in those two seasons. While dominating NASCAR, Kiekhaefer also competed in AAA's stock car ranks with equal success. There, Tony Bettenhausen and Frank Mundy raced for him, with Mundy winning the title in 1955. As a result of all this success, Kiekhaefer was accused of cheating by his competitors and booed by fans. Fearing controversy would hurt his Mercury Outboard brand, and fed up of fighting with Big Bill France, he decided to quit NASCAR in 1957.
Also included in this set is a car custom built by Chrysler and shipped down to Daytona Beach to compete in the NASCAR SpeedWeek Time Trials. The car was driven by Vicki Wood and won the Woman's National Speed Trial Championship in 1955. Though not a Kiekhaefer car, it fits nicely into this set.
Big thanks to everyone at Stunod Racing, especially @martinrace for making the template used in this set. Special thanks @DaleJrFan95 for everything he's done for this mod, and to Denis @Rioux for creating it. Thanks to The Mod Squad Rendering System Ver. 1.0 for the renders.

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I agree with DaleJrFan95. The research for these schemes is excellent and meticulous. It is a beautiful living history.
Even though there's not much difference about the paint schemes in this carset, awesome carset, great work!
Absolutely incredible work! These cars are an important part of NASCAR's history in the 1950s, and it's good to see them properly represented in the sim :) And thank you for the mention!
Outstanding! Thank You!