Jimmie Johnson 2023 84 Carvana

Jimmie Johnson 2023 84 Carvana Preseason 2

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Camo Creative
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7.6 MB
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4.67 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Added and fixed a few things

    Added .car file and fixed the base .xcf file

Latest reviews

Great scheme. Only nitpick is that it doesn't have the 75th anniversary logo on the side, like the cars will have this year.
Camo Creative
Camo Creative
I believe I fixed that for the preaseason pack I also released, thanks though
I really loves JJ's new car
Camo Creative
Camo Creative
Me too man, been a fan of JJ since 2009
Looks Awesome and thanks for the Driver Suit.
Camo Creative
Camo Creative
Thanks and NP, can't stand cars that don't have them, its right in front of your face so I always paint one.