jimmie johnson

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  1. SnowmanSchemes

    Alex Bowman 2024 Ally throwback scheme 1

    .tga Credits: Temp: @vadkuz Base: Me Numbers: Big Evil Racing Logos: Google Render scene: James Hodge
  2. TheFlynnZone

    NCS22 Scheme - Jimmie Johnson 2024 75 Years of Petty 1.0

    Whilst brewing ideas for new projects, I remembered Buckshot Jones' 4 Generations of Petty scheme that he ran in 2001, which inspired me to create this Petty 75 Years of Racing scheme for Johnson. Enjoy. Credits Templates: Vadkuz Base: Myself Contingencies: Vadkuz Numbers: BigEvilRacing Logos...
  3. racerspeed22

    Alex Bowman 2024 Throwback 2024-05-03

    TGA NOT 100% ACCURATE! Credits Base- jacobc62 Logos- Google Numbers- BER Namerail, Banner, Firesuit, and B-Pillar- Camo Creative Template- vadkuz Mod & Render Scene- FCRD Team RENDERS OUTDATED!
  4. DaleTona

    *FICTIONAL* 2002 #92 Jimmie Johnson Excedrin Chevrolet 1.0

    Herzog-Jackson Motorsports initially planned to move up to cup around 2002-2003 with Jimmie Johnson as their driver, until Johnson went to Hendrick and the rest is history. But what if Herzog's plans came to fruition? Introducing the #92 Excedrin Chevrolet of 2002 ROTY contender Jimmie Johnson...
  5. ZachC98

    Excedrin Retro Base 2023-09-30

    Based off the Excedrin Cars run the Busch Series in the Early 2000's, for the Chevrolet Model. Base I uploaded to my old NR2003 graphics site in 2017. Uploading here for preservation.
  6. TheFlynnZone

    NCS22 Pack - Linkin Park x Legacy Motor Club Pack 1.0

    The existence of this project can be tracked to when I stumbled upon the Mercedes GT3 whose livery was designed by the band members themselves, so here is a 3 pack with paint schemes inspired by the album art of Meteora, it's 20th-anniversary edition, and the one that started it all, Hybrid...
  7. jacobc62

    2006-2008 Lowe's Base [Replica] 2.0

    In 2006 and through to 2008, Jimmie Johnson's Hendrick Motorsports' #48 car got a revamp on it's look. Gone were the red and white accents, and in came day-glow yellow! Coincidentally, Jimmie Johnson won the first 3 of his 7 championships with this scheme, and the first 3 of 5 in a row! I have...
  8. jacobc62

    2002-2005 Lowe's Base [Replica] 2.0

    In 2002 and through to 2005, Hendrick Motorsports' #48 car driven by Jimmie Johnson was a primarily gray and blue car, accented with white and red outlines the curved portions of the base on the doors and nose of the car. I have replicated the base for the NCS22 mod created by the Full Circle...
  9. CorvetteRacing48

    2024 Jimmie Johnson Carvana Toyota Camry Legacy MC 2023-06-16

    Ready for some cursed images? Jimmie Johnson's Carvana paint scheme on a toyota camry. Mod: FCRD Base: JoeyFunk Logos: Some google and some myself Numbers: Big Evil Racing Render: Myself on Blender with the regular x-files that FCRD created
  10. BLyonsDesign

    Jimmie Johnson 2001 Lost Scheme 1.1

    The original paint scheme Jimmie Johnson was going to run for his Cup debut in 2001, before being replaced with the Power of Pride scheme. CREDITS: Template (with contigs): SNG Number: BER, modifications by me Logos: Various sources through Google Images, Top Choice logo by Stunod Pit crew...
  11. ISLAFE

    NASCAR Garage 56 #24 2023-06-08

    This isn't an exact recreation (the extra aerodynamic pieces aren't there), but it's just a cool livery & I wanted to make it :thumbsup: Sponsors & other Logos: Google Number: Big Evil Racing Render Scenes: James Hodge Car Template: CamoDesigns (bit of modification by me) Pit Crew Template...
  12. Krisi

    Jimmie Johnson 2001 - Fictional LOWE'S Promo Scheme 2023-03-16

    After procrastinating for the longest of time, I'm finally happy to release my newest scheme, going back to 2001, here's a redesigned version of the promo scheme that Jimmie Johnson was supposed to run during 2001. Comes in .car format (1024 x 1024) and includes a custom pit crew. Ratings not...
  13. Camo Creative

    Jimmie Johnson 2023 84 Carvana Preseason 2

    JIMMIE IS BACK BABY, oh and heres his car: Credits: Template: FCRD Number: @DiecastCharv Base: Myself Logos: Google (From the companies respective websites) Driver: Myself Namerail: Google images Render scene: @James Hodge Pit Wagon: Template: @phantom17 Logos: Google (From the companies...
  14. DiecastCharv

    2023 Cup Series Jimmie Johnson Legacy #84 (PNG & PSD) 2023-01-11

    Drawn from reference. I can't stand the asymmetrical drop shadow on this font lol
  15. CorvetteRacing48

    FICTIONAL Jimmie Johnson 2023 44 and 48 Carvana Chevy's Legacy MC 2023-01-14

    This new updated version has upgraded driver ratings and a painted pit crew. Bring on 2023! Mod: FCRD Base: Myself Logos: Some google and some myself Numbers: Big Evil Racing Render: Myself on Blender with the regular x-files that FCRD created
  16. John-Ross Stein

    *FICTIONAL* Jimmie Johnson #40 Carvana 2023 Camaro 1.0

    Car based on the news of Jimmie Johnson obtaining partial ownership and racing select events for Petty GMS in 2023. Credits: Mod: NCS22 Template: FCRD Base: Myself Number: BER Logo: Myself, Google B-Pillars: Rick
  17. Camo Creative

    Well Hello There

    Hey Everyone, I'm CamoDesigns (Camo is fine) I'm relatively new to all of this considering most of you guys have been doing this for years. I started using this site a couple of months ago and relatively recently decided to start painting. I have now been painting since July and I like to think...
  18. TheFlynnZone

    NCS22 2 in 1 Pack - Jimmie Johnson 2007 Power of Pride 2.0

    Back in the Fall and Winter of 2020, I painted Johnson's Power of Pride schemes from 2001 and 2003, which began a tradition (kind of) to create a Pride/LGBT+ variation of the Power of Pride scheme, which transitions to this year's Power of Pride scheme. This one is based on his Charlotte ride...
  19. John-Ross Stein

    *FICTIONAL* Jimmie Johnson #84 Ally 2022 Camaro 1.0

    Similar concept of the car i made for him last year. Credits: Mod: NCS22 Template: FCRD Base: Paint-By-Rah.com Number: BER Logo: Myself, Google, Paint-By-Rah.com, B-Pillars: Rick
  20. CamryBunny

    Jimmie Johnson #48 2013 Coca Cola 600 V 1.0

    Mod: Gen6BR Logos : Google Namerail: @RacerMoon Base: Me Number: Diecastcharv.com Templates: The Bullring