MENCS19 #3 TRD Goodwrench Camry: The Abomination

MENCS19 #3 TRD Goodwrench Camry: The Abomination IT'S REALLY FINAL THIS TIME!

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Fellow Stunod Members, I present to you all...The Abomination.

This is an idea I had a while back while scrolling through some of the comments on NASCAR's social media (FB, Twitter, etc). You won't have to go far in those comments to find an older fan complaining about Toyotas, Kyle Busch, and talking up Dale Earnhardt Sr. as some kind of god. So, I had the idea to make the troll of a scheme that you see here. In this fictional Hell, Goodwrench is now a division of TRD, on a Toyota Camry piloted by Kyle Busch, and just for that extra sting...I put it on Jeff Gordon's old rainbow scheme.

To install, just extract the .car file in the ZIP file to your MENCS19/cars folder.

Base: Paint-By-RAH, fitted to the Camry by me (the stripes from the hood to the fenders are lined up on the actual car file, didn't notice until after it was rendered because my CarViewer won't let me manually rotate the Camry model).
Template: SNG, modified by @Bill1947
Goodwrench Decals: @Stunod
Other Sponsor Decals/KB Signature: Google
Numbers: BER
Pit Crew: @Majesticexpress, modified by me to have the #3 and TRD logo (I am SO sorry to bastardize your work like this)
Renders: @garrett1127



Latest updates

  1. Actual final version of The Abomination

    This is the updated car file for The Abomination. Extract to your MENCS19/cars folder and...
  2. The Abomination Fixed Nose

    This is just a TGA update for The Abomination (fixed the stripes over the hood/fenders). Save...

Latest reviews

This is a thing of beauty.
C U R S E D!!!!!!!!!!
10/10 would rather die than see this on the track again
There needs to be 40 more of these so I can race a season... hahah, "abomination series", the most offensive mashups of all time. it would be glorious.
What have you brought upon this cursed land?
My eyes are bleeding, 11/10.
13/10 now I'm imagining what a whole carset of abominations would look like.
Needs miller or penzoil as the sponser