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The existence of this project can be tracked to when I stumbled upon the Mercedes GT3 whose livery was designed by the band members themselves, so here is a 3 pack with paint schemes inspired by the album art of Meteora, it's 20th-anniversary edition, and the one that started it all, Hybrid Theory. Enjoy!

Bases: Myself, Google
Template: Vadkuz
Contingencies: Vadkuz
Logos: Google, LinkinParkLive
B-Pillar: Fosterick
Associates: Google
Numbers: BigEvilRacing
Namerails: Google, RacerMoon, Krfluggs
Render Software: Blender
Render Scene: NCD Designs

Pit Credits:
Pit Logos: Google, BigEvilRacing, TeamSBR
Pit Template: Smiffsden
Rend Hocevar M 23.png
Rend Jones HT 23.png
Rend Johnson M20 23.png
Extention type
File size
5.8 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Thank you for making this! Look's really nice and a tribute to linkin park is a automatic 5 stars from me!