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  1. Foglemaniac

    Bryce Haugeberg 2024 Daytona #11 2024-02-21

    This is the car he drove in the Hard Rock Bet 200. Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google/Lyle Tolito Freelance Contingencies: Google Template: Big Evil Racing
  2. stardustdesigns

    2025 Max Reaves #18 Cook Out concept 2024-02-15

    JGR recently signed 14-year-old Max Reaves to a development deal. Given that he is the grandson of Cook Out CEO Morris Reaves, it's only right that he would drive a Cook Out sponsored car. This fiery concept envisions what it may look like. CREDITS: Big Evil Racing - Number & template BryceO84...
  3. Ceej

    No. 48 - Brad Smith - ARCA 2024 2024-02-11

    Transparent PNGs below (Right click > Save As to download)
  4. gone-sovereign

    2007 ARCA Photo Reference

    This is a bit of a longshot request but maybe someone here can help me out. I'm wanting to complete a full roster of cars that ran the ARCA 200 at Daytona in 2007 for NR2003, as I want to attempt to simulate a full Daytona Speedweeks with some edits I've made to Daytona 2006. I have found most...
  5. BryceO84

    2023 ARCA Menards Series East Carset 1.0

    For the first of 3 full ARCA sets from the 2023 season, the 2023 ARCA Menards Series East Carset is now available. This set contains all 101 cars from the 2023 East season, which was won by William Sawalich. Other winners during the season include Jake Finch, Luke Fenhaus, and Jesse Love...
  6. Krfluggs

    2023 ARCA East INI and Track Pack 2023-12-03

    Tracks: Credits: INI File: Me Tracks: many track creators
  7. Krfluggs

    2023 ARCA Menards Series INI and Track Pack 2023-12-03

    well I guess I'll be doing more! Tracks: Credits: INI File: Me Tracks: all of the creators that made these awesome tracks also shout out to 66ShelbyGT350 on Reddit for helping me get DuQuoin speedway
  8. BryceO84

    2023 ARCA East Five Flags Carset 1.0

    For a surprise release, the 2023 ARCA East Five Flags Carset is now available. This carset contains 13 ARCA East cars from the 2023 Pensacola 200, which was won by William Sawalich. The next release from me will be the full ARCA East set. Credits: Templates: Big Evil Racing, BryceO84, Smiffsden...
  9. BryceO84

    2023 ARCA/ARCA West Phoenix Carset 1.0

    The 2023 ARCA/ARCA West Phoenix Carset is now available. This carset contains 17 ARCA and 13 ARCA West cars from the 2023 General Tire 150, which was won by Tyler Reif. Five Flags ARCA East should be coming out fairly soon as well. Credits: Templates: Big Evil Racing, BryceO84, Smiffsden...
  10. AdorableJackson

    2023 Luke Fenhaus #28 ARCA 1.0

    Template: Big Evil Racing Number: Pinnacle Racing Group Facebook Logos: Google, Pinnacle Racing Group Twitter Base: Me
  11. flyersfan4888

    2023 Jimmy Hebert Fictional 2023-08-27

    Based off his ACT car, meant to be a filler for the future AMS East sets. .TGA Flat, Goes on the Ford model (Bullring) Credits: Number/Base (lol)/Logos: myself Logos: Manosh/SeekLogo/Ford Performance Contigs: @BryceO84 Template: Steven Merzlak Render: I dont remember who's scene it is but if...
  12. flyersfan4888

    2022 Daniel Dye GMS Racing Base v.4.3

    Daniel' he used it a ton...we'll call it the SolarFit/Halifax Health base from Daytona 2022, and really the majority of the 2022 ARCA Menards Season. 2048 res, goes on Chevy. Base was made in Photoshop and is vector shapes so I don't know what it'll do in GIMP or PSP or anything like...
  13. ISLAFE

    Dale Quarterley #4 Illinois Fairgrounds 2023-08-20

    Fuming that he DNFed, also fuming that I can't use a '/' symbol in-game when writing the team name, which just so happens to have a '/' in it. Credits: Base & number: Me Logos: Google Render: evanfortyseven Contigs: BryceO84 Car Template: Big Evil Racing Pit Crew Template: phantom17
  14. BryceO84

    2023 ARCA Daytona Carset 1.0

    After many months of work, the 2023 ARCA Daytona Carset has finally been released. This set contains all 39 cars that competed in the 2023 Brandt 200, which was won by Greg Van Alst. Also featured are 2 bonus cars that withdrew from the event. Credits: Templates: Big Evil Racing, BryceO84...
  15. ISLAFE

    Dale Quarterley #4 Mid Ohio 2023-07-09

    There's something about ARCA that makes me appreciate it more than other racing series, and it's how all kinds of people compete; young drivers, old drivers, men, women, actors, the contrast in drivers is something that you don't get in many other racing series. Credits: Base & number: Me...
  16. nascarnut55

    1992 #76 Graham Taylor Car Mate Ford (Arca) 1.0

    Credits: Template: RacinGrafix Number: BER
  17. NRSC08 Designs

    Custom ARCA Chevrolet Base V1

    This is my first time rendering with 3DS Max (I'm bad at it bc I mostly use Blender but there's no Blender scene for BR13) Goes on BR13 Chevy SS Template: Bullring/BER Render: The Iceman Logos: Google Contingencies: BryceO84
  18. NRSC08 Designs

    ARCA Gearwrench Toyota Base V1

    Goes on Bullring 2013 Gen 6 Toyota Camry Template: Bullring/BER Render: NCRD Logos: Gearwrench
  19. JimmieJFan489

    #32 Christian Rose - WV Department of Tourism (ARCA) 1.0

    Here is Christian Rose's #32 AM Racing car that he pilots in the ARCA Series this season! Credits -------- Mod: Gen6BR_cts by The Bullring Template by The Bullring ARCA Contingencies by @BryceO84 Logos from Google, WV Dpt of Tourism Site, AM Racing Site, Christian Rose Site, and some by Me...
  20. Truexfan56

    Zachary Tinkle 2023 Unsponsored Kansas 1 1.0

    I tried. Enjoy! Credits Template: Bullring Logos: All respective websites and brands Number: OtterKat on Discord Contigs: BryceO84 Render: Carviewer