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  1. PepsiBoy428

    Retro Steve Grissom 1995-1996 Cartoon Network MENCS19 1.0

    This is based on Steve Grissom's 1995-1996 Cartoon Network scheme Credits: Template:SNG(with Taillight update by BER) Logos, Number and Driver Signature: A friend of mine and Google. Contigs: Tre Cool Render: The Mod Squad .TGA file *I DON'T TAKE REQUESTS*
  2. jopajoe

    #67 Buddy Arrington Dodge 2019-02-22

    Rendered by: garrett1127 Base By: Me Logo's: Me Numbers: Snek Contingency decals: Alan Harkleroad Template By S-n-G
  3. emanuelanto

    #52 Retro 1996 Jack Sprague 2019-02-06

    #52 Jack Sprague's Retro 1996 Pontiac Pedigree Scheme, with some modifications (colored wheels, Toyota's template). Credits: Splash And Go for the template, Rob Cage for the contingencies, The Mod Squad for the beautiful render, Google for logos, decals and numbers. Enjoy It!
  4. jopajoe

    #5 Neil Bonnett 2019-01-24

    Rendered by: garrett1127 Base By: Me Logo's: www. Numbers: Me Contingency decals: Alan Harkleroad Requested By:
  5. jopajoe

    #42 Marty Robbins 2019-01-23

    Rendered by: garrett1127 Base By: Me Logo's & Numbers: Yesterday's Decals Contingency decals: Alan Harkleroad Requested By:
  6. jopajoe

    #1 Bulls Eye Chevy 2019-01-14

    Rendered by: garrett1127 Base By: Me Logo's and Numbers: Big Mike's decal scan Contingency decals: Alan Harkleroad Requested By: SNG template
  7. Tre Cool

    AC Spark Plug Round Logo with Spark Plug Art 2018-08-18

    Here is a second version of a round AC Spark Plug Round Logo with the Spark Plug art with fire. How you like it and enjoy it. Give credit if used please.
  8. Tre Cool

    Vintage Union 76 NASCAR Contingency Decal 1.0

    Here's in a vintage NASCAR Contingency Decal, Union 76. It's in PSD format and I've included many different sizes. 500x200 all the way up to 6000x1435 resolution. Hope you like it and enjoy Thanks, Tré Cool Grafx
  9. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Render Request

    Creds: Bases:SDG,Me Logos:Google Numbers:BER Temp:SNG If I Could Get A Scene Of These Two Together, And One DER Scene For Each Car Of Your Choice, I'd Appreciate It! Plz And Thx!
  10. Stunod

    AC Delco Retro Logo 2018-03-14

    AC Delco Retro Logo in vector shape for photoshop!
  11. PepsiBoy428

    Retro Kevin Harvick 2002 Now Sell Tires! MENCS 18 1.1

    UPDATE: Fixed a couple logos and tweaked the deck logo, for those who have previously downloaded 1.0, please download the new 1.1 version as it fixes the mentioned logos. Decided to make this scheme on the new mod. SORRY IF THE SCHEME LOOKS DARK IN RENDER, It looks fine in game, It's the render...
  12. hokiegrad

    1988 Buddy Baker Red Baron CWS15 retro 2017-07-19

    A retro CWS15 for the late great Buddy Baker Temp: Bill1947 Logos: 11rowsof3 Numbers: 11rowsof3 Base: me Pit crew: 11rowsof3
  13. PepsiBoy428

    Retro Kevin Harvick 2002 Now Sell Tires! Gen615 1.0

    Always liked this scheme, so figured I'd remake it. *This is A mix of the real version and the version seen in NASCAR Thunder 2003/2004* Credits: Base scheme: SDG Template: BER(with updates from Blumust10ac) Logos: Google, Me, BOTW, SDG, SBR, ranman38 for the Badwrench font used for some logos...
  14. hokiegrad

    1989 Neil Bonnett CWS15 retro 2017-05-21

    Here's a retro truck for the mighty Neil Bonnett based on the scheme he drove for the Wood Brothers in 1989. Base: me Logos: google Number: MRD Temp: om3ga Comes with crew and nratings based on his 1989 season.
  15. hokiegrad

    1991 Harry Gant CWS15 retro (update)

    A retro cup scheme truck for Harry Gant based on his 1991 season when he racked up four consecutive wins in September. Base: me Numbers: Jeeble Logos: google Temp: bill1947
  16. hokiegrad

    1990 Dick Trickle CWS15 retro 2017-05-05

    A retro truck based on the scheme that Dick Trickle drove in 1990 for Cale Yarborough Motorsports. Temp: om3ga Logos: google, me Number: me Base: me
  17. hokiegrad

    1988 Bobby Allison CWS15 retro 2017-05-01

    A truck based on Bobby Allison's 1988 Miller High Life Buick cup car paint scheme. Temp: bill1947 Logos: google Number: BER Base: me Comes with crew and nratings based on Bobby's 1988 season. Download has gold rims (as it should) but they do not show up in the render.
  18. hokiegrad

    Cale Yarborough Hardees CWS15 retro 2017-04-24

    A retro cup scheme truck for Cale! Based on his 1985 - 1986 Ford Thunderbirds... Temp: bill1947 Base: me Number: me Logos: BOTW, google Crew: me Render: Rogue Has nratings based on both his '85 and '86 seasons
  19. hokiegrad

    1989 Davey Allison CWS15 retro 2017-04-15

    A truck based on Davey's 1989 Texaco scheme. Temp: Om3ga Base: me Logos: me and google, Number: mas
  20. hokiegrad

    2012 Jeff Gordon Dupont 20 years CWS15 retro 2017-04-15

    Can't take much credit here. I found the base over at Rah and it came with most of the logos and stuff already on it. I just added some details. Base: Rah Temp: om3ga number: rah Logos: rah, google