jimmie johnson

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  1. RacerMoon

    Jimmie Johnson Name Rail Pack 2022-05-14

    Jimmie Johnson Name Rail Pack in, AI, PNG and PSD formats
  2. Y

    My Closest Finish

    this is the closest finish i've ever had. i was using kurt busch #2 miller lite dodge. the gap was only 0.008s
  3. Canada_Designs_

    *Fictional* Jimmie Johnson #NeonLights #40 Camaro 2021-08-13

    Creds: template:lefty logos:google number:diecast charv b pillars:fosterick contigs: MG06Designs
  4. Petty4345

    Some Alternate scheme's I did in 2018 2021-04-02

    These are some alternate schemes I did in 2018 for the MENCS18 mod. I had plans for a car set but just didn't have the time after I started and forgot all about them till I found them the other day. These are the .tga flats. Thanks to splash n go for the templates, big evil for the numbers but...
  5. John-Ross Stein

    *FICTIONAL* Jimmie Johnson #62 Ally + Beard Oil 5 Pack 1.0

    Originally, I made a fictional Beard Oil scheme (included in set) as a possibility paint scheme if he did accept Beard Motorsports' offer to drive the #62 in the Daytona 500. So i decided i should make some Ally schemes to add to the fictional Beard Scheme. Hope you like them as much as i do...
  6. Andyman248

    2006 Jimmie Johnson 2021-03-02

    CREDITS: template: SnG logos: Google mod: SnG 2005
  7. John-Ross Stein

    *FICTIONAL* Jimmie Johnson #62 Beard Oil 2021 Camaro 1.0

    What if Jimmie accepted the Daytona 500 offer from Beard Motorsports? Credits: Mod: MENCS19 Template: S&G (Cup 2021 Version By Lefty) Base: MSD Number: BER Logo: Google, Myself
  8. Andyman248

    2021 *FICTIONAL* 2016 Jimmie Johnson Championship car 1.0

    CREDITS: template: Lefty logos: Google mod: MENCS19
  9. Andyman248

    2016 Jimmie Johnson Homestead-Miami base 1.0

    CREDITS: template: Lefty logos: Google mod: MENCS19
  10. DiecastCharv

    2021 Chip Ganassi IndyCar #48 (PNG & PSD) 2020-12-27

    Source: Chip Ganassi Racing Social Media, converted into PSD
  11. TheFlynnZone

    MENCS19 Pack - Power of Pride 2003 USA + Trans 2.0

    After posting images of them in the first day of December, I've decided to release them today. This is the #48 Lowes Power of Pride that Jimmie Johnson originally drove in the 2003 Winston season PLUS a Transgender Flag colored alternative as well to boot. (Behind the scene talk, I'm legit happy...
  12. FreddieGDesigns

    Jimmie Johnson Ally Fictional based off of his 2015/2016 paint. 2020-11-26

    Overview: Jimmie Johnson Ally Fictional car based off of his 2015 and 2016 championship season paint. Even though I'm not a fan of him, I made this for in honor of his retirement and in honor of his legendary record tying 7th championship. This contains the iconic yellow number 48, and just a...
  13. TruexJr19NCS

    Jimmie Johnson Final Ride Custom 2020 2020-11-16

    Mod: MENCS19 Template: BER/SNG Base: Me Numbers: Me Logos: Google, Me Jimmie's Sig: Me Banner: BER Render: TMS
  14. RacerMoon

    2012 Jimmie Johnson Lowes Cortez Silver Chevy for MENCS19 2020-11-11

    Credits: Numbers: BER Logos: Google,, Wikipedia Base: Me Template: BER Render: TMS Render System
  15. RacerMoon

    2013 Jimmie Johnson Lowes Emerald Chevy for MENCS19 2020-11-11

    Credits: Numbers: BER Logos: Google,, Wikipedia Base: Me Template: BER Render: TMS Render System
  16. John-Ross Stein

    *FICTIONAL* Jimmie Johnson 84 Ally Camaro (For Indy Road Course) 1.0

    I Have A Good Feeling Jimmie Will Return For The First Cup Race on the Indy Road Course. Credits: Mod: MENCS19 Template: S&G Base: Murraysimrd Number: Stunod Logo: Google
  17. Moofish

    Jimmie Johnson Tribute Scheme 2020-11-06

    Various schemes represented here: Lowe's 2003 Alltel 2000 Lowe's 2013 Stripes (In Black Instead of Blue) Lowe's for Pros 2018 Ally 2020 Sad to say Goodbye, there won't be another like Jimmie for a long time
  18. vixenishbug82

    2020 Jimmie Johnson Ally Final Ride Camaro 2020-11-03

    Jimmie's 2020 final ride which will run at Phoenix, enjoy! ***CREDITS*** Mod: MENCS19 Template: SNG Modified Template: BER Base: Paint By Rah Number: BER, altered by me Logos: Google, Paint By Rah B-Pillar: fosterick Render: Me
  19. TheFlynnZone

    MENCS19 Pack - Jimmie Johnson '01 Phoenix LGBT Colors 1.0

    A remix or a twist or a scheme based on Lowe's Power of Pride promotion and incorporating a modern emphasis of "Pride", these are Johnson's 2001 scheme but with a version with LGBT stars and a Rainbow striped version. Credits: Base: Myself Banner: Bungi43 Template: Splash N Go Contingencies...
  20. Chris Allen

    2 Car Las Vegas Set 48, 10 1.0

    Hi all As soon as the Jimmie Johnson car was shown (renders) I had to jump on it. I really like the way it looks. And I thought I'd add the 10 car as well. Seems a couple of Chase Briscoe style schemes have made their way into the SHR fold. Foreshadowing? Lol, who knows right. ;) **CREDITS**...