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  1. TheFlynnZone

    MENCS19 - Jimmie Johnson 2004 Lowes Silver 2.0

    A spin-off from the #48 Lowes scheme that was made for the "2003 Schemes to MENCS19" carset, here is Jimmie Johnson's 2004 Lowe's Hendrick 20th Anniversary scheme from the Fall Charlotte race. Credits: Base: Myself Template: Splash N Go B-Pillar: Google, TeamSBR Logos: Google, TeamSBR, Stunod...
  2. Joeymj1

    Jimmie Johnson 2020 Throwback V1 1

    very quick project, will be updated in the next couple of days and will have a final version done after the race, I might change to a 2 car pack since the renders conflict 2 hood designs
  3. Fatcheezburger

    Fictional CWS15 Jimmie Johnson ally Truck 1

    Fictional #24 Jimmie Johnson ally Truck for CWS15 mod Credits: Template - Bill1947 Logos ARDesign (ally logo) & Google Number - BER Render - TMS *File is a .7z and requires 7Zip to open*
  4. Jahgee

    NASCAR³ Legends 1.0.0

    The goal with the roster was to create as comprehensive a Legends roster as I possibly could while limiting each number to 1 driver and each driver to numbers they've used in their racing career. Each car is painted based on what I'd consider the most iconic paint scheme ran by that person...
  5. Chris Allen

    2020 NASCAR All-Star Race 8 Car Set 1.0

    Hi All! It's been a little while since I've posted anything here. So I wanted to dump some All-Star Cars on you haha! Personally I kind of liked the number placement, but the underglow looked weird just under the back of the cars. Anyway, hope you enjoy **CREDITS** Splash N Go (Or Stunod since...
  6. DKenseth79

    Jimmy Johnson Roval Wallpaper 1.0

    This is a nice screenshot I grabbed while racing at the roval. Enjoy
  7. QBoi

    Jimmie Johnson 2019 Ally Patriotic 2019-07-09

    So, this is actually my first request. Thank you to JimmieJohnson48 for suggesting this car. I know that this one has been made by many other people but I was able to get my hands on the exact type of camo on the actual paint scheme, so mine is a bit more accurate on that reguard. Anyway I hope...
  8. I

    25 Lowes car Mencs 2019 (Fictional) 1.0

    A fictional 25 Lowes Car based on the 2007 Lowes paint scheme (Missing your name on the back) I couldn't find this paint scheme for Mencs 2019 so I tried to make it. Chevy template=Splash n go hendrick Numbers= Stunrod contingency sponsors= OneToughCustomer lowes Logos= Google
  9. ARDesign

    Ally hood logo 2019-02-11

    The hood logo on Jimmie Johnson's 2019 Ally car
  10. RacerMoon

    myLowes MENCS19 Base 1.0 FINAL

    This base is suited for the MENCS19 Chevy Template, All you need to do is copy the two layers onto the Chevy template. If you are using this Please give credit as: Arctic Shock Racing Designs or Moon *Below is an example paint using this base, logos and numbers are not included in the download*
  11. Pantallica

    MENCup2019 - Jimmie Johnson - Ally Financial 2

    Jimmie Johnson's Ally Financial car he'll be running this year. Comes in both CTS and Cup physics and a pit crew (Feel free to use said pit crew, just give credit of course.) Standard 40-60 ratings. A huge thank you to Mr. Ben Horton for making the Ally Financial logos. Enjoy! Credits, Template...
  12. sticks

    48 Jimmie Johnson Power of Pride PHX2 Number 2018-11-17

    Number 48 for Jimmie Johnson's Power of Pride retro car at Phoenix.
  13. HunterRacing70

    2018 Jimmie Johnson #48 Miami Car (.tga File) 2018-09-30

    Jimmie Johnson's Miami Car Credits: Template & Contingencies: SnG Numbers: BER Base: Paint By RAH (Edited by Me) B-Pillars - Blumust10ac Logos: Also Paint By Rah and Google Render: The Mod Squad Note: The Blue and silver is not meant to be dark like this from the tga file
  14. andrew48

    2018 MENCS Chevy Camaro 48 Jimmie Johnson 2006 Throwback 2018-07-21

    A #48 Jimmie Johnson 2006 throwback for the 2018 MENCS Chevy Camaro. Credits ---------- Template: Splash N' Go Graphics Base: Me Logos: Google Images Contigencies: Splash N' Go Graphics Render: http://renders.themodsquad.info/ Number:TN Designs
  15. MazEOxAndy

    Jimmie Johnson Red Bull Fictional 2018-05-28

    Base: Me Logos: Google Number: BER Template: SnG Contigs: SnG Feedback is very much appreciated
  16. BowmanFan88

    2018 Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowe's (RICH1) 2018-04-30

    Base:SDG Numbers:BER Logos:Me/Google Render:TMS Temp:SNG
  17. BowmanFan88

    2018 Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowe's (BRIS1) 2018-04-30

    Base:SDG Numbers:BER Logos:Me/Google Render:TMS Temp:SNG
  18. Jason Onofre

    Jimmie Johnson Fictional Kobalt Camaro 2017-08-19

    Base: Rah, Fitted to be on the Camaro. Template: Bill1947 Render: garrett1127
  19. alfiejay

    55 Chevy / Lowe's 2017-03-29

    Fictional Lowes, Colors Based From Jimmie Johnson's Lowes Chevrolet Monte Carlo 4 Renders Featured In My Show Room DMR GN55 Template Base By Me Logos From Google Numbers BER Renders From Ceafus88
  20. hokiegrad

    2006-2008 Jimmie Johnson CWS15 retro 2017-03-09

    Temp and contigs-Om3ga base-NDG edited to fit this mod by me number mas logos-mas, google, b-pillar-mudslide