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  1. TheAnt755

    Kansas Superspeedway 2020-09-18

    This the FIRST time that I EVER made a track on Sandbox in NR2003, So I tried before with planned tracks but no avail, lucky I made this track out of Kansas Speedway. It's heavy banked and if lucky you'll flip, and the track is 200mph. By the way, you HAVE TO rename the original Kansas Speedway...
  2. Mystical

    How to create a mod for NR2003 Tutorial Video Series

    Here it is, a video series in HD to show you the process on how to make a mod. This is a multi-video series so when I get time and motivation to continue the series I will add each video for each part: Part 1: View: Part 2: View...
  3. Highbank

    Fictional #20 GOYA Foods V1.0

    CREDITS Template: Bill1947 Mod: TeamOm3ga Logos: Bing Search to GOYA Foods Number: From Font in PSPX10 Render: garrett1127 No ratings but there is a's fictional with GOYA CEO Robert Unanue at the wheel...BUYCOTT! ENJOY!!! Highbank
  4. F

    2019 NASCAR Pinty's Series Season and Tracks

    *You need SNG's 2017 Pinty's Mod for this, plus bassman58's 2019 Pinty's Series carset for full-effect. 1. Drop 2019season.ini into the series' subfolder. 2. Drop everything from /tracks of this download into your tracks folder. 3. Enjoy! Disclaimers I did not create any of the tracks. All...
  5. Mystical

    ICR Series Paint Schemes (Official)

    After years of thinking about this series, over half a year to build the actual mod, and several months after to prepare it all the time has finally come for the ICR showroom. I'm not going to go into massive detail of the series and how it all works but the short version is this is a...
  6. TwelfthQuotient

    NASCAR Racing 3 Sounds To NR2003 V2 Spotterpack Update

    Video/Example Can Be Found Here >>> THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, THIS VERSION OF THE FILE IS UNFINISHED <<< This "Soundpack" was made from N3 ( Nascar Racing 3 ) sounds and mixed to fit NR2003 The EXTERIOR sounds are all 6 seconds each The INTERIOR sounds are all 8 seconds each Spotterpack...
  7. TSM32


    After 3 years of trying and 3 years of frustration trying to get Camera Control Master to work, I decided it would be a lot easier to simply make my own version of it. Hence, FreeCamera was born. Basically what this program does is move the Pit Lane 1 camera around based on your inputs. The...
  8. JustLiam

    NR2003 NASCAR E CUP 1.0

    The year is 2022...Elon Musk has brought NASCAR Racing. With the ever changing world, he has made sure that NASCAR is 100% 'GREEN'. He has made all racing cars in the sport TESLA only, no other models and they are only to be powered by electric. 20 cars will take part in the 2022 season over...
  9. TheAnt755

    MAX Energy Drink FASCAR Cup Series Season 1 Car Set 2020-06-27

    Here's the OFFICIAL car pack of ALL of the drivers from Season 1 MAX Energy Drink FASCAR Cup Series. I remake the link. CREDIT TO THE ORIGINAL CREATOR OF THE MENCS 2017 CARS: Splash N' GO Graphics I hope you guys like it. ;)
  10. TheGreenCone

    Sportsman mod carset

    Some days ago i started doing a big carset for the NR2002 mod, AKA Sportsman mod. This set it's inspired on the A1GP and ROC This carset will have real racers in real teams, representing a country (sometimes you'll see a country like ''Mexico BWT'' or ''United States IndyCar''. That's a...
  11. SprintRacer92

    #92 Ryan Adema Southern Sprint Car 2020-06-06

    Hello! What we have here today is the #92 Sprint car run by Ryan Adema down in florida... erm, me. This car runs in the BG Products Southern Sprint Car Shootout Series. I hope Yall Enjoy! Credits- Template: ViolentJ634, Don Wilshe, J Norton, Logos/contigs: Google Base&Numbers: Me
  12. Bacs

    2020 Chevy Malibu Template (ICR v1.1 Update) 2020-05-25

    Improved headlights and updated, higher quality tail-lights for the Chevy Malibu Template. The file has also been updated for the ICR version update 1.1 templates. Credits: Google Search Engine (Kelley Blue Book -headlights/grill & tail lights). Original Template: Armory Digital Design...
  13. Bacs

    2020 Nissan Maxima Template (ICR Mod) 2020-05-21

    Credits: Google Search Engine (Kelley Blue Book, NissanUSA, Ebay stock images -headlights, grill, tail-lights, Nissan & Maxima logo). Original Template: Armory Digital Design (Mystical) - ICR Mod. Contigs: Included in Mod. Template Import: Make #2 (Ford In-game). File: PSD Render: garrett1127...
  14. W

    ICR Chevrolet Camaro 1.1

    Credits: Adapted: W1lhoit Chevrolet Parts: Big Evil Racing's Chad Mikosz (iRacing) Shading/Highlights: W1lhoit Original Template: Armory Digital Designs' Mystical This is on the Make 1 model. As usual, constructive feedback is welcome!
  15. W

    ICR 2019 Ford Mustang 1.1

    Credits: Lights.Grilles: Splash n' Go's Nick Baker Adaptation/Shading: W1lhoit Original Template: Armory Digital Design's Mystical Render: garrett1127 Constructive feedback is absolutely welcome! EDIT: Place this on the Make2 body. Explicit use of Splash and Go’s parts permitted by SnG’s Nick...
  16. azza9oo9

    ICR scheme #5 C. Sanchesa 2020-05-18

    credits logos stunod numbers stunod paint me for the IRC mod by Armory digital designs (Mystical)
  17. Brandon Gass

    Question: How Qualifying by Speed in NR2003 is Actually Determined?

    Question about how NR2003 determines the speed when you set qualifying by speed instead of lap time. Is it the average speed of the lap OR is it the speed the car is traveling when crossing the line? I have this question because, its not always consistent. Example: Car A can have a faster...
  18. Econic

    Fictional 1955 IROC Carset 1.0

    Now we all know if you follow auto racing from a historical standpoint that the International Race of Champions (IROC) started in 1974 with the best of the best from the world of Motorsports, however we sometimes wonder if the best drivers prior to 1974 would race in IROC if series existed so...
  19. Daven

    1988 Trans-Am Series Season File 2.0

    Car Set by Highbank: Season Calendar: #1 Long Beach #2 Dallas (COTA) #3 Sears Point Raceway #4 Detroit (Belle Isle) #5 Niagara Falls (Trois Rivieres) #6 Cleveland #7 Brainerd (Riverside) #8 Meadowlands...
  20. Highbank

    1988 Trans-Am Series Car Set (ASA90 cts Mod) V1.0

    1988 Trans_Am Series Car Set By Highbank Special thanks to jopajoe for allowing me to include the #88 Daren Brassfield Corvette he had made for a Paint Request @ Stunod Racing. Seemed a shame to paint it again since he did such a fine job on it...